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From date of purchase your tester gauge(s) are calibrated for a one year period. After this period we offer a recalibration service which certifies appropriate gauges for a further one year period.

The whole unit must be returned to Hydrajaws in the case of testers with fixed gauges, however, gauges fitted with couplers can be returned separately.

Any additional parts needing replacement would be advised and the cost agreed so that work could be carried out. 

We can undertake to carry out this work at the following cost:

Calibration Test including Certificate - Medium Duty Gauges £48.00 per gauge
Calibration Test including Certificate - Heavy Duty Gauges £64.00
Service to Medium Duty Tester £66.00
New replacement Gauge with Calibration Certificate  £122.00
Calibration of Digital Gauge (Medium or Heavy Duty ) £68.00
Return carriage cost to UK address £15.00

In order to help us deal with your calibration as efficiently as possible please download, printout and fill in our service return form and return it with your gauge.

For Hydrajaws BLUETOOTH Calibrations, please visit:

For all other calibration enquiries, please email:

Calibration Fast Track - Prices
Hydrajaws are introducing their Calibration Fast Track System. When pre-booked, this means customers will be able to bring their tester to Hydrajaws HQ in Coleshill and get it calibrated straight away while they wait. This new system will help increase customer efficiency and workflow and is priced as follows:.  
1 - 2 Gauges: £25, 3 - 5 Gauges £35.